Our Staff

Clinical Staff

Our office employs Registered Dental Assistants, all registered with the State of Tennessee. Each hold specialty certifications in Sealant Application, Coronal Polishing, Monitoring Nitrous Oxide and Radiology. Each is also certified in CPR and has trained for in-office emergencies. They have had training in hospital dentistry and meet all requirements for continuing education. Our dental assistants like to make coming to the dentist a pleasant experience for your children!

Business Staff

Our business staff has over 30 years of combined experience in caring for the scheduling and financial needs of our patients. Our parent advocates and appointment coordinators will do their best to make you welcome in our office and will make every attempt to coordinate our appointment availability with your work and school schedules. Our Financial Staff will process your insurance claims electronically to expedite payment and pre-treatment estimates. When necessary, they will be glad to help investigate unprocessed claims. Our Hospital Coordinator will process a letter of medical necessity with your medical insurance company to determine which services rendered in the hospital setting would be eligible for benefits under your medical insurance. Once all authorizations are in place, we coordinate all arrangements with the hospital for your child’s hospital stay.