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Hospital Dentistry


Performing dental procedures in a hospital setting is not uncommon for the pediatric dental practice. Our dentists recommend hospitalization for children who are young and uncooperative, need extensive restorative procedures, or have special mental, physical or behavioral issues. The necessary dental procedures are performed at Children's Hospital at Erlanger in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Children's Hospital is a regional Level 1 trauma center and provides routine and emergency care for the majority of our area's children. We have great confidence in the physicians and nurses who take care of our patients.

The recommendation for hospitalization is in the best interest of your child. Once the recommendation has been made, our Hospital Coordinator and Insurance Coordinator work together to process all necessary authorization requests with your dental and medical insurance companies. Your child must have a physical examination prior to the actual admission date to ensure the health of the child and clearance for general anesthesia. Dental procedures are performed under outpatient admission. Your child would be “put to sleep” under general anesthesia while the necessary dental procedures are performed. After the procedures are complete and your child has had ample recovery time, the child will be returned to you in your outpatient room for continued observation. The most common post-operative symptoms are from the general anesthesia, which include lethargy, nausea and vomiting.

Our staff will be glad to answer any questions you may have regarding hospital dentistry. Please contact us at (423) 894-6614. You may also find more information at the TCTCH website,


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